The Sunborn yacht experience

This weekend I was invited to try out a small group personal training session held on the beautiful Sunborn yacht at Royal Victoria Docks in London. On arrival I was sent up to the 9th floor, where I waited with a few other bloggers for Chris, our trainer, to arrive. After checking out the toilets (always a must when visiting a fancy place), it was time to start so we headed out onto the deck and gathered around ready to go.


Now as I have mentioned before, I like to think that I am in reasonably good shape and treat all new fitness classes with a degree of scepticism about how difficult they will actually be, but let me tell you this one was tough!! We did a 30 minute HIIT workout that was split into 3 rounds, with each round consisting of 5 sets of either strength or cardio exercises, and after the first set we were all exhausted! But being out on the deck in the sun, with a lovely view of the city somehow helped us to carry on, and afterwards we were rewarded with fruit skewers and a smoothie, which obviously made it all worth while.


The view from the deck

This class was tough, but there was a range of ability and fitness levels in our group, and Chris provided modifications for all of us. I would recommend this class to anyone just for the experience alone. I don’t know about you but I don’t get to spend a lot of time on a beautiful yacht in the sunshine so its worth it for the novelty if nothing else, although I certainly intend to book another class soon. You can find out more information about the experience, and book yourself a class here.

Any class that ends with food is alright in my book!
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