Feel Stress Free

This week I have been trying out the Feel Stress Free app. As someone who leads a very active life sometimes I need a reminder to take a step back and have a moment for myself, and this app was perfect for doing that.

The program starts by taking you on a little tour around Stress Free island. Your cute little robot themed guide asks you a few questions and then you’re off. You are then presented with a range of options covering different areas of wellbeing. I started with the deep breathing, where you are gently guided through 5 minutes of deep breathing exercises, although you could go on for longer if you preferred, and then went onto the deep stretch.


The deep stretching session is actually done by tightening and then relaxing different muscles so it is perfect for performing while sat at your desk, or on the bus to work, or wherever you find you have a few minutes spare. This was probably my favourite thing about the app, with a set of headphones and an internet connection you could transport yourself from busy central London to a much quieter and calmer place in just a few seconds. I found the app easy to use, and after I had done the exercises I genuinely did feel calmer and more relaxed. My favourite time to do the exercises was just before bed and I felt like I fell asleep with ease every day that I did them. I would recommend the app to anyone who feels like they need something to help them take a little bit of time every day, especially those who like myself are guilty of not spending enough time on themselves. Check out the website and get started here.

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