Time to taper!

I recently read a quote the said “the marathon is in the training, the race is just the victory lap”… Not quite sure that is true of the ironman but in two short weeks I will find out! Ive swam, cycled, and rode over 2000 miles over the last six months… and now I am down to the final taper!

This week was my last week of heavy-ish training but I used the excuse of a visiting friend to push my long ride/swim back to tomorrow… but other than that I am getting ready to take it easy. I have finished my gym workouts, planned my nutrition, mentally packed my kit 1000 times and now all that is left to do it stress and panic about everything.

I would to say my training went super smoothly and I fit in all of my workouts but that is simply not true. I haven’t ridden over 80 miles, ran over 15 miles consecutively, or swam more than 3km… not because I couldn’t manage the distance but because I couldn’t cope with the boredom that comes with training sessions of 7hrs+! Oh and this weekend I slipped on a fallen apple in the middle of my 15 mile run so cut it down to 10 plus a 3 mile walk on the end and I am just going to hope I don’t get gangrene when I swim tomorrow.

There is no way of knowing if what I have done is enough to get me through other than to get out there and try it… so I guess I will let you know in two weeks! I tried to find a picture that would sum up for I felt about the training but there are no pictures of me lying on the floor trying not to cry because I just felt totally broken after so much training, I only have this one of me crossing the finish line after my first 70.3 but its one of my favourite race photos of all time so Im not ashamed to use it again!


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