365 days later

Yesterday marked a year to the day since I ran my first ever marathon in Barcelona, and today marks two years since I ran what still stands as my half marathon PB at Silverstone. A reminder of these two things probably couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I put in my first real long run in my prep for London as seeing pictures of myself as both made me remember that I don’t have anything to prove. Yes I want to improve my time but as I heard on the podcast I was listening to during my run on Sunday not every race is going to be a PB.

Training for a second marathon is definitely very different to the first and its hard not to compare how training is going now against what it was like last time. For example, my most recent 20-miler was slower than when I was training for Barcelona (although not as slow as strava would have you believe due to some inefficient watch pausing on my part), and it definitely felt harder so I came home feeling a bit disheartened on Sunday but have I mentioned its cold here and that running in the cold is hard? Its no surprise that I found this weeks run more difficult that putting in a downhill plod one balmy March day like the last time I ran this distance.

41km into my first marathon!

My goal in London is to come in under 3hrs 30 minutes (I was 3:35 in Barcelona). This would give me a qualifying time for Chicago and maybe even Boston, but seeing the photo of my at the finish line reminded that all I wanted to do in Barcelona was finish. No watch, no time pressures, no racing, just get to the finish line, and I am certain that I will finish at London with my friends and family there to support me. Last year, I didn’t know if I had it in me to complete the course, this year I know without fail I will cross that finish line, maybe not with a sub 3:30 time, but I will definitely finish, and somewhere in my training schedule I forgot that completing a marathon is a huge achievement and that is all that really matters.

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