With a little help from my (new) friends

After last weeks brick workout, I spent some time reading over my plan and realised that I am actually almost 3 weeks ahead of where I should be in my triathlon plan, but slightly behind in my marathon training plan, especially with my long runs. This means I didn’t even have to do the ridiculous freezing cold ride I did last weekend… but thats a different matter.

To fix this I decided I would put in a 16 mile run on Saturday to get myself back on track, however I only managed just short of 13… and I wouldn’t have even got that far if it wasn’t for a new found friend. This weekend I experienced the worst part of Michigan’s winter, the ice!! Running in the cold is hard enough but about 10 miles into my run on Saturday morning I hit a patch of thick ice and then the pavement in quick succession. I fell so quickly that my knees and face hit the floor at the same time… my arms didn’t even try to get involved. Now normally an incident like this would have sent me home in tears (I wasn’t seriously hurt but I did end up with a few scrapes and bruises and a hole in my favourite leggings), but luckily for me I had made a new friend over the course of the run and he pulled me up and we kept on going. Pretty impressive since he went down about 1.5 seconds before I did. He also gave me a lift home from the run cutting off my last 3 miles which given the cold and my sore knees I was totally grateful for.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 22.19.41
Run was tough but my splits weren’t bad to maybe it is just the cold??

I did notice that I found the run really tough, and I don’t know if its because I am out of shape, or not used to running in the extreme cold. If anybody has any advice about this please let me know but I am hoping that 13 miles in the freezing cold = 16 in regular temperatures?? If anyone can advise me on how true this is, or how to get over it, please drop a comment below because either way I am going to have to man the hell up and put in some serious miles next weekend to get myself back on track!

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 22.21.15.png
My new tuesday night run club (I know I have been talking about the cold but Tuesday was 16 degrees compared to -9 today!). Photo credit to Ann Arbor Running Co, and Parker Performance. 

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