Bricking it


So its been a while since my last post and the 5K-a-day has gone out of the window because on top of my bike or run commute, gym routine, and ironman training it was pushing me close to injury. However, a lot has changed since I wrote that post just over a month ago. I am now living in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I will be working for the next few years. Now that I am settled in and have an internet connection, I decided to it was time to get back to the blog to document my tri-training progress.

Since I have been here I have experienced temperatures as low as -18ºC, and as high as 28ºC in the space of 4 weeks… this can make training or even planning a training schedule a little tricky and as a result I have missed a few long rides due to cold/treacherous roads and some runs because I don’t have any trainers suitable for running in 12 inches of snow. I have tried to replace them with a treadmill and turbo training work but its not the same, and anyone that says it is is lying. I have however found an indoor running track that is slightly more suitable, but most importantly I have found a park run! Its over 30 miles from my house, but I have managed to get there 3 out of 4 weekends so far.


As a result of the weather conditions I have only just managed to fit in my first long distance brick, despite being 6 weeks into my training plan already (you can find the plan I am following here if you’re interested). As the weather had picked up I decided that I would ride the long way to park run, run the 5K and cycle a shorter way back (although I actually set off too late and had to do the short ride first). It turns out the weather hadn’t actually picked up, I was absolutely freezing and totally underprepared for the weather. I finished the trip but it was extremely tough and I really didn’t enjoy the ride, and nearly turned back half way through but I knew I just had to try and get through it. The run in the middle was a welcome break from the cold, I ran the whole 5k with one of our run directors and we had a blast!

Cold (Parkrun 3)

So all in all the brick wasn’t great, but I do think I fuelled well (honey sandwiches and orange segments), and I recovered enough to go for a 12 mile run this morning, again thanks to run director Tim who came over to Ann Arbor to scout out some potential routes with me.

In other news my swimming is really coming along and I have started to find my rhythm… plus I joined a tri-club this week so I am really looking forward to training with them next week too!


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