So I am 7 days into my 5k-a-day (only 358 left to go!). Here are a few things I have learned from my daily 3 mile challenge that might inspire you to get your shoes on and get out of that door.

1. The thought of going for a run is much worse than the run itself

A couple of times this week I really did not want to go running. It didn’t fit in with my schedule, and it has been cold and windy outside, however, once I got out there it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

2. Its so much easier to run with friends!!!

3 of this weeks runs were done with friends. I ran home from work with a friend from my office, had a 4 mile time trial with the Crystal Palace Fun Runners, and then made it to parkrun (with seconds to spare) to pace. Without a doubt these three runs were 100 times easier than the ones I had to do by myself!

3. A slow run feels better than no run at all

Almost every single run I have done this week has been slower than my normal pace. As a friend helpfully pointed out this is partly laziness and not wanting to push myself (Thanks for that by the way!), daily running has also taken its toll on my legs. I am finding my legs are getting heavier by the day but as it was my first week back on the bike and at the gym I am just going to keep going and hope that I get back up to speed in the next few weeks.

4. Stretching is essential!!

My 5k-a-day challenge has coincided with another challenge I have set myself to get more flexible. I started my 10 mins a day of stretching on Thursday and it has definitely made my runs feel easier, even if they are not getting any quicker!

This week I am focussing on trying runs at different times of the day to see what works for me but I am trying to avoid the treadmill where I can!

In other news.. Its T-7 days until my Iron man training starts (ARGH!!)!!!!

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