So I am 7 days into my 5k-a-day (only 358 left to go!). Here are a few things I have learned from my daily 3 mile challenge that might inspire you to get your shoes on and get out of that door.

1. The thought of going for a run is much worse than the run itself

A couple of times this week I really did not want to go running. It didn’t fit in with my schedule, and it has been cold and windy outside, however, once I got out there it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

2. Its so much easier to run with friends!!!

3 of this weeks runs were done with friends. I ran home from work with a friend from my office, had a 4 mile time trial with the Crystal Palace Fun Runners, and then made it to parkrun (with seconds to spare) to pace. Without a doubt these three runs were 100 times easier than the ones I had to do by myself!

3. A slow run feels better than no run at all

Almost every single run I have done this week has been slower than my normal pace. As a friend helpfully pointed out this is partly laziness and not wanting to push myself (Thanks for that by the way!), daily running has also taken its toll on my legs. I am finding my legs are getting heavier by the day but as it was my first week back on the bike and at the gym I am just going to keep going and hope that I get back up to speed in the next few weeks.

4. Stretching is essential!!

My 5k-a-day challenge has coincided with another challenge I have set myself to get more flexible. I started my 10 mins a day of stretching on Thursday and it has definitely made my runs feel easier, even if they are not getting any quicker!

This week I am focussing on trying runs at different times of the day to see what works for me but I am trying to avoid the treadmill where I can!

In other news.. Its T-7 days until my Iron man training starts (ARGH!!)!!!!

New Year, Same Old Me

So after a long break from blogging I am back. It’s less of a “new year, new me” thing, and more of a “finally having something to blog about” thing. By my standards I have spent the last few months in an off period. For me this has meant missing a few gym sessions, not really sticking to any plans for long runs, swims, or rides, and eating a FAR too many carbs. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything at all since I took a break from blogging,  I have tried to get to parkrun every week and this year I did my first ever boxing day swim (and it was my FAVOURITE THING EVER), followed by the race of the year, the Chevin Chase.


Pre-boxing day dip

Taking a bit of a break has actually allowed me to build muscle because my calorie intake is increased and I have started to even out a glute imbalance that has been the root cause of all of my running injuries to date, but now its time to settle back into a proper training routine and look at my targets for the next year. These are:

5K A Day:

Inspired by a very good friend and someone I saw on Instagram, my new years resolution is to run 5km every day for the next year. I have started well with the traditional new years day double park run hitting Pontefract at 9am followed by a very muddy Rothwell at 10:30am.

Post-parkrun muddy shoes!

Sub 3:30 at the Virgin London Marathon

This year I have managed to get a good for age place at the London Marathon in April. I was tempted to defer my place because I am moving to Ann Arbor in January but I decided to use it as an excuse to see my parents and come back to run. Then I realised it was exactly 12 weeks before my Iron Man so what better way to get in shape that get my legs ready for marathon distance??

Complete my first Iron Man

In a moment of madness a few months back I signed up for my first Iron Man event. I have never done a half-Iron Man, or even a full olympic tri so this is going to be a huge test for me to complete the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile ride, and 26.2 mile run in under 16 hours but I know that if I can stick to my training plan I will get there eventually!