Losing my mojo (and finding it again)

Anyone who reads this page regularly will notice that I did not post at all last week but what can I say? I’ve been busy… but not at the gym.

I feel like since I got back from my holiday I have lost my mojo a bit and struggled to get back into my routine so I decided that this week I would write about what I intend to go to get back into the swing of things.

  1. Workout with friends: This is always a great way to get yourself back into the gym! I am lucky that I have a good friend from work who is always up for trying out my work outs with me and she is back from her holidays this week so I have no excuse for missing a workout (starting tomorrow morning!).
  2. Get someone to hold you accountable for sticking to your plans: I haven’t been to running club since I got back from my holidays but tomorrow I have committed to a friend that I will be there. Even though there is nothing she can do to make me go, the fact that I have told her I am going to go should be enough to tempt me out of the house on a miserable Monday evening. I am also not checking the route before hand so I really have no excuse!!
  3. Write a plan down on paper: Okay so the paper part isn’t important… but it needs to be written down somewhere you can see to keep you motivated
  4. Reward yourself: Make a deal with yourself that if you do all of the sessions you intended to do you can have a treat at the weekend. My treat is always food related so if I manage to get everything in that I want I will get myself a cream cake from the bakery but yours might be a nice long bubble bath or a massage or anything else you that is a treat to you.

Its always hard to get back into something after a longish break… but you have to remind yourself you did it before and you can definitely do it again!!!

So thats all I’ve got for this week!

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