Losing my mojo (and finding it again)

Anyone who reads this page regularly will notice that I did not post at all last week but what can I say? I’ve been busy… but not at the gym.

I feel like since I got back from my holiday I have lost my mojo a bit and struggled to get back into my routine so I decided that this week I would write about what I intend to go to get back into the swing of things.

  1. Workout with friends: This is always a great way to get yourself back into the gym! I am lucky that I have a good friend from work who is always up for trying out my work outs with me and she is back from her holidays this week so I have no excuse for missing a workout (starting tomorrow morning!).
  2. Get someone to hold you accountable for sticking to your plans: I haven’t been to running club since I got back from my holidays but tomorrow I have committed to a friend that I will be there. Even though there is nothing she can do to make me go, the fact that I have told her I am going to go should be enough to tempt me out of the house on a miserable Monday evening. I am also not checking the route before hand so I really have no excuse!!
  3. Write a plan down on paper: Okay so the paper part isn’t important… but it needs to be written down somewhere you can see to keep you motivated
  4. Reward yourself: Make a deal with yourself that if you do all of the sessions you intended to do you can have a treat at the weekend. My treat is always food related so if I manage to get everything in that I want I will get myself a cream cake from the bakery but yours might be a nice long bubble bath or a massage or anything else you that is a treat to you.

Its always hard to get back into something after a longish break… but you have to remind yourself you did it before and you can definitely do it again!!!

So thats all I’ve got for this week!

Keeping fit on holiday

If you follow me on Instagram you might notice that I have spent the last 3 weeks on holiday. As I intended to jump straight into my Iron Man training as soon as I was back I tried to think of ways I could keep my fitness up without it feeling like I was ruining my holiday. Here is a list of a few of the things I did to stop myself turning into a big pile of jelly, or jello since I was in the US…

  • Got a week long gym pass: Now I know that putting this first is an easy way to lose you all but I don’t expect this option to be for everyone. However hear me out before you close the page… While we were in LA I chose to get a gym membership for a week so that I could finish up my Ghofitness plan for the month and it was the best decision ever! We were staying in an Airbnb which was great but it meant no pool… my gym however not only had a pool but also a jacuzzi and sauna. Best $20 I ever spent.
  • Equipment-free workouts: Before I left, I had the team at Ghofitness send me some bodyweight only workouts. I did these 3 times a week while I was away, and they definitely helped to keep me in shape. There are loads of workouts you can find online and most of them just take 30 mins. They are a perfect way to start the day (before a bucket load of pancakes obviously!)
  • Beach yoga: There are hundreds of videos online for you to follow if you’re new to yoga, or if you have done a few classes before then just take yourself through some vinyassas on the sand.

    Wheel on the sand at Cabrillo beach
  • Walks/Hikes: Sometimes keeping fit is a simple as getting in lots of long walks at a half decent pace. This is something super achievable for everyone on holiday and if its all you want to do then it is definitely enough to keep you ready for cardio when you return. We did our hike at Runyon Canyon with the people and dogs from the Free Animal Doctor, giving money to the charity and walking the dogs was the most rewarding experience of our holiday!

    Meet my walking companion Jeffery, a dog that has been rescued from abuse by the Free Animal Doctor
  • Swimming: If your hotel has a pool or you’re staying near a beach swimming is not just a perfect way to cool off, its actually really good exercise!DSC_0829.jpg

Working out on holiday might not be for everyone, and I definitely thought I would do more than I actually did. But I think I am still in good enough shape to pick up my training (although my body fat is definitely twice as high as when I left!!!!)