Cross training…

TOTAL MILAGE THIS WEEK: Swim 0.8 mile | Cycle: 30 miles | Run: 20.3 miles |
Comment: We all need a rest week from time to time

This week I ended up having an unplanned rest week (of sorts). I had to travel for work and then I worked from home on Friday which meant that I didn’t do my usual cycle commutes, and also that I missed my scheduled Dirty WKND ride.  I didn’t even attempt an LSR this week either! However, I still didn’t have a lazy week as I kept up my usual level of cross training. I think cross training is essential to avoid injury when you are doing a lot of endurance training so here is a list of the things I have been doing to try and keep myself fit and strong.

  1. Weight training: I have mentioned before that I follow the GHOFITNESS plan. It involves 5 weight and cardio sessions a week that always leave me feeling exhausted. I am almost 5 months into the plan now and I absolutely love it! I can see a HUGE difference from when I started and I am now using weights that used to feel almost impossible during “easy” sessions. Following this plan has completely changed my mentality on gym sessions and turned them into something that are just part of my day. I even took my gym kit to Amsterdam where I was working for the day so that I could squeeze in a session before my flight home!
  2. Yoga: Everyone knows that it is important to stretch after a workout, but for me the only way to truly get that deep stretch feeling is regular yoga sessions. I currently attend a taught yoga session every Tuesday lunch time, and I can’t describe how amazing I feel afterwards! I am constantly trying to push myself during the class, stretching further than before, and trying out new postures (I am currently working on handstand and bird of paradise and look like an absolute fool week after week but I will get there in the end).

    Finally mastered my headstand and now I want photos doing it everywhere!!
  3. Group fitness classes: I am the kind of person that needs a plan to stick to, but sometimes I get a little bored of the plan and swap one of my full body workouts from the GHOFITNESS plan for a class, usually at the Adidas women fitness studio. This week I was also invited to try a fitness class on the beautiful sunborn yacht. You can read more about it here.

I’m not saying you need to do train every day like I do but whether you are an endurance athlete or a couch potato, all of the things I have mentioned about are a great way to improve your general fitness and improve your mood. And you don’t have to invest in a fancy gym membership, there are tonnes of free fitness events and classes running across the UK, you just need to look for them. Social media is a good starting point but there are specific websites like Our Parks (predominantly London but also elsewhere), and the NHS website has a page recommending ways to get fit for free that you can find here.

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