Fitting it all in…

TOTAL MILAGE THIS WEEK: Swim 0.8 miles | Cycle: 40 miles | Run: 25 miles |
Verdict: Not too bad for a week where I worked from home.

One of the most common excuses for not going to the gym among my friends and family is simply “I don’t have time” so this week I decided to write about how I fit in all of my training. At the moment I try to get in 5 Ghofitness workouts, a sprint session, a long run, park run, yoga, cycling, and at least two swims a week, alongside my job and spending time with my husband. Yes, this is a lot, and no I am not suggesting that everyone starts doing this much exercise, but I am working towards two not entirely complementary goals at the moment so the training I am doing is a necessity for me. I am not making any recommendations here, I am simply stating what works for me.

The first thing is planning both of my workouts, and my food for the week on a Sunday so that I have a plan to follow and a schedule that I feel guilty if I don’t stick to. Without a doubt this is the most important thing.

I also get up super early, around 4:30am, but I do go to bed at 10pm, and 6 and a half hours is plenty of sleep for me. This wasn’t always the case, but during my PhD I started pushing myself by putting my alarm back by 10-15 minutes a week until I got down to 6 hours sleep, and thats when I started to feel tired during the day, so I decided that 6 hours is my minimum.

Another trick is to go to the gym first thing in the morning, so that I don’t have chance to talk myself out of it during the day. Now I am lucky enough to have reasonably priced gyms both near home and near work, so I am a member of both, and tend to use the work gym on a week day and the home gym on a weekend. I also use my commute as part of my training by either cycling or running to work every day (10 miles each way). I try and run home doing sprints, and throw in a couple of stretches of single leg cycles every few days. Of course there are lots of issues with this (Boris bikes, and slower commuters for example) but generally my commute is pretty stress free, and it gets me to and from the gym/work in a reasonable time.

Finally, I eat A LOT! Its the only way to keep going through all of this training! I always have at least 2 breakfasts, lunch, dinner, and a couple of fruit snacks throughout the day as I absolutely do not believe in letting myself go hungry even if I am trying to lose fat. Check out my instagram page to see my typical days worth of food (although you might have to scroll back a week because I am on a super strict diet at the moment).

And that’s all there is to it. Get up earlier, try and incorporate cardio into your commute, and eat as much food as you burn off!

Next week I will be reviewing my diet plan since I will be 2 full weeks in by then. I wanted to do it this week but didn’t think it was really fair after 7 (long) days.


5 thoughts on “Fitting it all in…”

  1. Your planning is phenomenal Steph. I am in utter awe. Saying that, my aim is my first marathon so maybe I shouldn’t be trying to emulate you! X


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