Tri-ing something new

Hi, I’m Steph, and this is my first ever blog post.


Its exactly 839 days until I turn 30, and I have decided that before that happens I am going to finish an iron man. Now, I am reasonably fit, I workout in the gym 5 times a week following my GHOFitness plan, commute to work by bike, and recently qualified for a good for age place at the London Marathon. However I can’t swim. Well technically that’s not true. I can swim about a mile in a pool doing breast stroke if I am not in a rush, but I’m certainly not going to be winning any swimming races. However, all that is about to change because I have ordered my NOWCA wrist band and arranged to meet a friend at Royal London Docks for my first ever outdoor swim on Saturday.

I intend to use this blog to document my journey towards an iron man along many other fitness goals that I have set for myself that I will reveal along the way. Most importantly I am going to try out a whole variety of training/nutritional tips that catch my eye (fuelling an LSR with baby food is definitely near the top of the list), as well as reviewing any new gadgets or attire I come by, and maybe sharing a few recipes that feature on my instagram page.

So, that’s my introduction to blogging, and your introduction to, well me! Providing I don’t drown or get eaten by a river shark or whatever else might be lurking in the East London waters I will update you all on my swim next week!




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